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Rollout Trackway

Rollout Trackway

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Rollout Trackway

Rollout Trackway

"Instant access solution for grass, gravel and other uneven surfaces!"

In many commercial and domestic situations there are challenging or uneven surfaces which restrict access for wheelchairs or even cause injury to pedestrians who lose their footing. However, with the roll out trackway rubber matting pedestrians and wheelchair users are able to navigate across most types of rough, wet and irregular surfaces. Made from superior-quality rubber, this matting provides a firm grip over common household and industrial surfaces like gravel and grass.

This rubber matting is a smart way to save money spent on undertaking expensive construction work to create an even pathway, instead you can easily roll the matting out and remove it when it is no longer required. You can use this matting over most types of terrain and the durable rubber material means it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The ability to roll up the rubber matting makes it easy to store away, ready for the next use.

It\'s possible to cut and trim the roll out rubber matting, be it to length or even around steps, flowerbeds, corners and downpipes. Cutting or trimming the matting does not compromise its inherent strength of the roll out rubber matting.