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Doorline Variwedge Mobility Ramp

Doorline Variwedge Mobility Ramp

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Doorline Variwedge Mobility Ramp

The Doorline-Variwedge Mobility Ramp is a compact and lightweight door threshold ramp that can be adjusted in height to suit your door threshold, without the obstruction of protruding adjustable legs.

Available in three sizes, to cater for thresholds of up to 10cm (4"), the Doorline-Variwedge Mobility Ramp is a fantastic addition to our product range and is the first mobility ramp to offer such flexibility in such a compact size.

With a 'designer' anondised finish and a rubber strip to protect the floor, this ramp will look stylish in any location.

Features Include:

  • Designer anodised finish to suit any internal door
  • Choose from three sizes; small, medium and large to cater for thresholds of up to 10cm (4")
  • Easily adjustable in 5mm increments - taking a matter of seconds with the spanner provided
  • Rubber strip to grip and protect floor
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Manufactured in the UK


Length Min HeightMax HeightWidth Weight kg (lbs)Weight Capacity
15cm2cm (0.8ins)3cm (1.2ins)74cm (29.1ins)1.3KG (4lbs)300KG (47st)
25cm3.5cm (1.4ins)5.5cm (2.2ins)74cm (29.1ins)2.1KG (4.6lbs)300KG (47st)
50cm6cm (2.4ins)10cm (3.9ins)74cm (29.1ins)6.1KG (13.5lbs)300KG (47st)