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Aerolight Xtra Mobility Ramp

Aerolight Xtra Mobility Ramp

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Aerolight Xtra Mobility Ramp

This disabled access ramp, one of the flagship models in the fantastic Aerolight range, is quick and simple to deploy. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Aerolight Xtra mobility ramp benefits from the impressive list of features associated with the well-known mobility device provider, including a honeycomb aluminium design to reduce weight, making it easy to transport around to other points that are not accessible by people with a disability.

The Aerolight Xtra wheelchair ramp folds along its length to reduce size of storage, and features an asymmetric lip design at the top and bottom of the ramp to give smoother travel for wheelchairs and other mobility devices on and off the ramp. The rubber tread on the underside offers increased grip and comfortable ergonomic carry handles, while the clips shut tightly when folded, to make transporting the ramp more comfortable.

Since its introduction in 2003, the original style of Aerolight ramp has seen many improvements and has established itself as one of our most popular products to improve accessibility to a building, vehicle or platform.

Available in lengths from 2ft to 8ft.

 Length WidthCapacity kg (st) Weight kg (lbs)
60cm (2ft)76cm (30ins)       450 (71)        5 (11)
92cm (3ft)76cm (30ins)       450 (71)       7 (15)
120cm (4ft)76cm (30ins)       400 (63)       9 (20)
150cm (5ft) 76cm (30ins)        350 (55)       11 (24)
183cm (6ft)76cm (30ins)        350 (55)       13 (29)
213cm (7ft)76cm (30ins)        300 (47)       15 (33)
240cm (8ft)76cm (30ins)        250 (40)       17 (37)